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    The National Ocean Technology Center (NOTC)

    The National Ocean Technology Center (NOTC), The National Ocean Technology Center (NOTC), the former was institute of ocean technology founded in 1965, directly administrated by the State Ocean Administration (SOA), is a public institute. The main functions and basic tasks of NOTC are to take management for national ocean technology; offer technical guarantee and support for national oceanic plan, administration, capability construction and public service. It is also responsible for the research and development of high and new ocean technology in China, as well as basic and general technology. It has a high quality team of technical research and development in marine monitoring and equipped with high level of standard laboratories. NOTC has formed over ten technical directions, such as: hydrological and meteorological monitoring, remote sensing, ecological environment monitoring, hydrological monitoring, buoys system, , system integration, ship deck equipment, ocean energy development and utilization, ocean development strategy study and oceanic economy evaluation, etc. Over the years, NOTC has undertaken and completed many significant projects, including National “863” Hi-Tech R&D Program, National Key S&T Task, and Operational Capability Constructions for the SOA and Navy. Obtained more than 200 scientific and technological achievements at a high level and applied value. Developed about 1,500 (sets) equipments or systems for marine management, resources development and managem... click here